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Zabalketa Agrega Bizikidetza Globala Convivencia Global Global Coexistence

Zabalketa is closely linked to the world of education, which it considers to be a key factor for building a fairer, more humanitarian and more sustainable world; hence the reason that from the very beginning it has worked on the preparation of teaching materials to provide support for teachers with a view to incorporating Education for Development into school syllabuses.

Learning the importance of values such as solidarity, justice, freedom, respect and responsible consumption, based on knowledge of Human Rights and respect for them, is vital for coexistence, which is especially important within the educational community.

At Zabalketa we understand that coexistence combines different components, as are social coexistence, economic coexistence, environmental coexistence, political coexistence, religious coexistence, and generational coexistence, among others.

The material Zabaldu Mundura – Global Coexistence aims to address three of these components, namely, environmental coexistence, mainly by caring for water; social coexistence, through interculturality; and economic coexistence, by encouraging responsible consumption.

The material presented here, Zabaldu Mundura – Global Coexistence, has been prepared with a view to promoting Global Coexistence in schools, providing working strategies and information mainly for the teaching staff in the third cycle of Primary Education (ages 10-12).

Zabalketa Zabaldu Mundura Zabalketa